Negar Saboori & Niloofar Kananian

Paintings Exhibition

21May 2021

Visiting day


Visiting Hours

15 – 20


The history of art and the history of civilization are full of phenomena that have occurred simultaneously in different parts of the world. These similarities are usually linked to the collective unconscious.
The fact that two artists in both corners of the city, without knowing each other and without knowing each other’s concerns, have created seemingly similar works, became a reason for this event.
This exhibition is a duet; At the same time, he speaks of the absence of man, referring to the inanimate nature and intangible presence of man.

Negar Saboori’s Artworks


From inanimate nature to portraiture
What Francis Bacon pulled out of Pope Velasquez’s portrait was the tension that pushed him out of his chair rather than out of the pope, taking up all the work space. Here was the sacrifice, not of the cross, but of the chair: the sacrifice of the chair.
The painting that deals with the chair moves in a space between inanimate nature and portraiture. It starts from the inanimate nature and reaches to the portrait.
The chair in the subject’s portrait is automatically upgraded to the portrait base. An empty seat can be all of these at the same time. That chair is receptive. Invites. The hug is empty. Open. Wait. It swallows. Sacrifice.
The painter throws himself in this empty and open embrace and waits and invites the viewer to fill this empty space himself. Sometimes he sees himself sitting on the knee of a chair.

Niloofar Kanaanian’s Artworks


The relationship between people in the cafe was a fascinating subject, but the forgetfulness of the conversation between them caused the chairs to become actors of colorful scenes.
The forms of the chair in terms of form and the compositions in terms of meaning indicate the absence of human beings. The chairs sit silently in front of each other and sometimes dance like ballerinas.