The 3rd Carbafoo Postcard Exhibition

The 3rd Carbafoo Postcard Exhibition

Group Exhibition

11Jun 2021

Visiting Days


Visiting Hours

15 – 20


A postcard is a rectangular piece of thick paper or cardboard with a picture on one side and a text written on the other to congratulate or express interest. Receiving postcards by mail was an important event. Sometimes it stays in the family treasures for years as a sacred object. In the age of cyberspace, postcards are no longer in the realm of human relations. This exhibition is an event that presents the postcard as a work of art and in this way seeks to represent human values ​​and the stories behind it. In this project, Carbafo has invited 8 curators to choose a theme for each of them and present the works of 10 artists in these themes in the form of a collection of postcards.

Some of Artworks