Close Up

Mahta Moeini

Paintings Exhibition


3 – 14 Jul 2020


Mehta Moeini vase collection is not a representation of inanimate nature, vases, flowers and plants… .. but a display of human loneliness.
Heavy and wide volumes that in a narrow and compact space, watch a torn memory of a reality called a vase. They stand at the center of the paintings with roles that go beyond time and with ancient awe.
The vase is the place. A place that generously gives space to the plant. However, only a few thin stems and leaves are seen, and the flowers have all but become patterns on the fabric.
The vase is the place and itself trapped in the tight canvas. A place where dark and sometimes very light backgrounds cover a garment of fear and loneliness.

Masoume Mozafari


Mahta says her words simply and clearly and does not compliment anyone.
He is not looking for complexity, he is not looking for vague spaces and strange or deformed figures.
He does not shout in his paintings, he slowly says something that is audible, pleasant and pleasant. He says everything he wants to say, with a simple background, a vase and a piece of cloth. The flowers and vases that we all have in our homes, with a branch of a flower or leaf that he does not worry about showing all of them, the tablecloths that are remembered by our mothers and sometimes our grandmothers, all that we carry with us every day. We live but we do not look after them well, sometimes we do not see them at all or we even want to get rid of them.

He repeats silence and simplicity in his vases and delves deep into his simple compositions; Beauty depth.
He forces us to look carefully at life and what surrounds us.
Mahta Moeini is simple, what he says is also simple.
“Life is repetition and repetition. We have to look at it with a fresh look, that’s all.”
Nayereh Pazouki