Ahmad Vakili

Paintings Exhibition

17Sep 2021

Visiting Days

19Sep-11Oct 2021

Visiting Hours

15 – 20

Art, is the result of human restless-ness in moments when the rays of enlightenment have shined upon one. «Akhavan Sales»
Artists stay in the minds of their viewers, all because if their passion, relentless-ness, suffering and honesty in what they′ve been known
to do. Whether they′re stuck in the hailstorms of life or not, is up to time′s inconsiderate judgement.
My aim isn′t to make Ahmad Vakili appear big or to present him as a very influencing character. All things considered, there′s really no
reason for doing that. Ahmad Vakili, even despite his artworks, can′t be ignored while observing Iranian painting. Usually it′s an artist′s
work that will present them greatly, not other people′s words.
Vakili, while beginning his 7th decade of life, as if he′s a fresh pupil, goes directly into nature and with his unique resistance Prefers to
face it without a proxy.
He will go back to his studio and with a masterful persistence he denies this proxy. With all of his faith in what he does it becomes so
that he doesn′t get so involved in daily passing’s and occurrences around him.
In between all this, what′s important for him is color and an uncountable number of canvas and paintbrushes and oil, dirty rags and his
cigarettes to pass the turbulence of life in good health.
Because what is Art,other than a song sang from deep inside with passion and restlessness and pain and suffering, into others ears so
that they take joy from it and forget where the source of this song was from.
Rezvan Sadeqzadeh / September 2021

Have you ever met Ahmad Vakili up close?
If you haven′t yet, not to worry, you′ll get to. Everyone has somehow rubbed shoulders with him and if you paint, or write about
painting, you can be certain that one day you will be face to face with him.
He′s one of the few people in Arts whom everyone who has a hand in drawing or painting will one day have to sort out their deal with
Maybe there are some artists that you will never have to make a decision on, maybe not thinking about some artists will not affect you
or your artistic work, but you can never be indifferent about Ahmad Vakili and his influence on Iranian painting and drawing.
whether you’re one of his many fans or part of his critics, you simply just cannot not have an opinion about Ahmad vakili, and someone
that has this quality has to be someone of important and of value.
I became acquainted with Vakili in my university years. I went to tens of journeys and there were barely any moments that the topic
of conversation was not painting. and it′s based on these companionships that I believe when he talks about «color» or «drawing», his
opinion is based on years and years of experience and deep understanding of the topic. And this is of great importance.
It′s important that he -in a time where one can, by reading a couple of books, be overstimulated by the philosophy and completely
leave painting to the side- talks about a visual language.
If you′ve never been face to face with Ahmad Vakili, do not worry, one of these days, when you least expect it, he will show up
and stand in front of your artwork, and speak with and unexpected bluntness. And after the short moment of confusion caused by
this confrontation, you′ll think long and hard about what he had to say, because an important character called Ahmad Vakili has
challenged your mind
Karim Nasr
(Tandis Magazine)

A letter to young artist
First hello then persistence
I saw your drawings and works. And with my whole being I felt proud that in my country there are such people in love. drawing, and
being in love.
I want to write you a memory. The year 1979 my dear mentor Hannibal Alkhas spoke a sentence to me , which since then I′ve
repeated thousands of times to my students: First hello then persistence.
My dearest than life,
You′ve stepped in a world where love and relentless-ness will be your biggest rewards. Each moment you experience creativity and
you wouldn′t change that moment for any material prize. You′re in the seventh sky at the very top of joyfulness and sometimes that
moment may not be there.
You must know that the moment of creativity, I not something that is going to be always around. In order to experience it again and
again you must be relentless and in love. seej refuge with this poem of Molana:
Why is Love murderous from the first, so that he who is an outsider runs away?
This is how I learned Art. Putting up with the harshness, is a lesson you have to learn side by side of Art and know that in order to be in
love, you will pay a price as big as being in love.
Young colleague!
Work, work, work, is my biggest suggestion for you. Awareness, is the first condition in this hard path and will make an Iranian artist from
you that the world will envy.
Hoping for that day.