Group Printmaking Exhibition

Curated by

Anali Vakili

Flore Tanghe

Afsane Oskouei

with Artworks from Iran, Belgium, USA


Visiting Days


Visiting Hours

15 – 20


With the hard work of artists in the past decade, the art of printmaking in Iran has started to gain a new life and international recognition.

The exchange of prints, due to its quality of being produced in more than one version, makes it accessible for artists to not only show one work in multiple locations at once; but also easier to exchange works with other artists and develop a personal collection.

The current collection (ya Exhibition) is the result of an exchange between Iranian artists and Artists from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2019 and Belgian artists of “PrintGreen” studio in 2020 that was exhibited in Boston (USA) and Gent (BG) in the previous year.
This program will continue annually in collaboration with printmaking studios across the world.


Belgium :
aagje vanoverbeke , alwin viaena , barbara lambert , evan rosato , jan vermandere ,kara van reussel , lieve cosyns , matilde everaert , mieke de maeyer , steff bussoyt

Iran :
afsaneh oskoui , amirali moayer , anali vakili , atousa taghipour , bita safaie , donya gorji , donya khajegani , farahnaz rahmati , fereshteh ferdowsi , hedye heidari , kimia kazemi , khatere lotfi , maedeh akbari , marjan khorram golkaran , maryam iosleiani , minoo yalsohrabi , mohammad hossein afkhami , mojdeh soori , nazanin enayat , sheida gorjidooz ,
soraya kolbadinejad

alison lindley , arielle amiri , bernadette colburn , charles mason, christine petty, dori miller, emma keller , hayley murphy , hongh bich huynh vernon , ivon perez , katarina simonsen , lisa hamilton , megan webb, rachel hoffman , rebecca giles , sally richards