Amin Fakharzadeh Naeini

Amin Naeini

Painter, Graphic Designer & Video Artist

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۲۰۰۹-۲۰۱۳ Zahedan’s University of Fine Art – bachelor of painting
(Thesis: Three Video-animation Project)

Solo Painting Exhibitions
۲۰۱۷ Iranian Artists’ Forum “Lack of that thing” Tehran, Iran
۲۰۱۶ Arte Gallery “Over painting” Tehran, Iran

Group Painting Exhibitions
۲۰۱۵ Iranian Artists’ Forum “Still Life” Tehran, Iran
۲۰۱۴ Iranian Artists’ Forum “Copyright- Self Portrait” Tehran, Iran
۲۰۱۳ Aria Art’s Home “Un-Ti-Tled” Zahedan, Iran

Selected Curating Project
۲۰۱۹ Aknoon Gallery “۴۵۵ km – painting Exhibition” Isfahan, Iran
۲۰۱۹ Safavid House “The 1st Jolfa (Isfahan) Graphic Week” Isfahan, Iran
۲۰۱۷ Iranian Artists’ Forum “Swedish Dad-Photos of Swedish Photographer, Johan Bavman” Tehran, Iran
۲۰۱۷ Iranian Artists’ Forum “Stage to Stage, Installation of stage Designs of Reza Mehdizadeh” Tehran, Iran
۲۰۱۶ Iranian Artists’ Forum “Retrospective Exhibition of Nima Petgar’s Artistic Life” Tehran, Iran
۲۰۱۵ Iranian Artists’ Forum “A Touch of Nordic Art & Culture – A Cooperation exhibition With Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian Embassies” Tehran, Iran

۲۰۰۷ Graphic Design Technology, First Place (Gold Medal), National Skills (world Skills) Lecture
۲۰۱۹ “Artist & Walking”, Safavid House


Graphic Design Artworks

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