White Whilst Growing

Mahsa Toosi

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Mahsa Toosi Solo Painting Exhibition


was born in 1976 in Shiraz. She is a self-taught artist who has been painting professionally for years along with taking on projects of architecture and interior design. His paintings are an expression of his personal experience of life in Shiraz and his relationship with people. Capturing a moment of her surroundings and portraying her memories and experiences is the most important aspect of his work. Throughout his career as an artist, Toosi  has experienced with different painterly genres, and even though his main aspiration in the years has bee figurative painting, her work has reached a level of abstraction at times and his palette has become limited to only black and white, presenting her strive to reach his desired artistic expression. Toosi has participated in several solo shows in Tehran and Shiraz and currently lives and works in Shiraz.




“I slowly realized there was a strange being standing there—perhaps had been standing before me since I had sat down in the chair—holding out his hand towards me. It was a grey, broad-shouldered creature, about the size of a sturdily built human, leaning on a knotted, corkscrew stick of white wood.  Where the head should have been I could see nothing but a sphere of pale mist.

The apparition gave off a dismal odor of sandalwood and damp slate.  I was in the grip of a feeling of utter helplessness, which almost robbed me of my senses. All the torment, which for weeks had been gnawing at my nerves, had condensed into mortal fear and taken shape in this abortion. My instinct for self-preservation told me—warned me, screamed in my ear—that I would go mad with terror if I could see the face of the phantom, and yet it drew me like a magnet so that I found it impossible to avert my gaze from the pale, misty sphere and kept scrutinizing it for eyes, a nose, a mouth. Despite all my efforts, however, I could not discern the slightest movement in the misty sphere.


دیدگاه بسته است

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