Shaghayegh Mahdi

Shaghayegh Mahdi

Shaghayegh Mahdi



Born 1993

Member of the Iranian Painters Association

Nature Group Exhibition- Behzad Gallery -2014

Annual Drawing Exhibition- Behzad Gallery -2014

Nostalgia Painting Group Exhibition 2015 Zarna Gallery

Selected by Jakal Festival 2016 Mellat Campus Gallery

The second person of Damonfar Festival in 2017

Participation in Jakal Festival in 2018

Participation in the Artang Festival in 2019, National Museum Garden

Participate in the Exhibition of the Painters Association in the House of Artists in 2019

Group exhibition of 2021 artists’ houses

Participate in the work of the Iranian Painters Association of the House of Artists 2021

2021-Solo exhibition Asr Gallery

Some of Artworks