Mina Ghahremani

Mina Ghahremani


Born 1988


Bachelor of Painting, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Masters in Painting, Al-Zahra University of Tehran


Solo exhibition: Asr Gallery, Tehran 2021
Group Painting Exhibition entitled: Space, Oliva Gallery, Chicago 2021
Group Painting Exhibition, Arthibition Gallery, 2020
Group Painting Exhibition, Asr Gallery, 2020
Carbafo (Spider) Postcard Exhibition, Saye Art Gallery, 2020
Group Exhibition of Design of contemporary young women, Ella Gallery, 2019
Group design exhibition, Dena Gallery, 2019
Selected Exhibition of Art P, Farmanfarma Gallery, 2019
The seventh edition of the Art Party Exhibition, Iranian Artists Forum, 2019
The first person of the festival of Iranian Art Festival, Tehran, 2018
Group painting exhibition, Aliha Gallery, 2018
Fajr Festival of Visual Arts, Charsoo Culture and Art Institute, Selected Iranian Galleries, Museum of the Qasr Prison, 2018
Carbafo Postcard Award, Group Painting Exhibition, Abad Art Gallery, Didar Gallery of Isfahan, Aban Gallery of Shiraz, Humehr Art Gallery of Kerman, 2018
Group painting exhibition, Negahno Art Gallery, Hamedan, 2018
Versus Painting Festival, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, 2017
Group painting exhibition, Ershad Gallery, Karaj, 2017
Group Painting Exhibition, Aria Gallery, Small Tableaus, Tehran, 2017
Versus Painting Festival, Tehran, 2014
Group painting exhibition, Aban Gallery, Mashhad, 2012
Group Painting Exhibition, Neyshabur University Gallery, 2010

Some of Artworks