Ahmad Vakili

Ahmad Vakili


Ahmad vakili

Born in 1961


BA in painting 1984

MA in painting 1995

Honorary Ph.D. 2013


noor gallery 1988

personal studio 1992

personal studio 1993

DILMAGHANI studio 1994

barg gallery 1995

Arya gallery(handmade print) 1998

elahe gallery 1999

Anahita gallery 1999

Bahman gallery 2000

pooya gallery(rasht) 2000

momayez gallery 2001

elahe gallery(drawing) 2002

eye gallery(dubai) 2003

naghshe jahan gallery(esfehan, handmade print) 2004

hoor art gallery 2008

Mahe-mehr Duo exhibition feat Eszter Csurka-2010

Sareban gallery(printmaking) 2016

E1 gallery(water colour) 2017

Sareban (landscape) 2017

Hoor Gallery- (Drawing) 2018

Asr (jame daran) 2021

Over 60 group exhibitions since 1986

Member of +30group

Member of Society of Iranian painters

Member of association for illustrators of children books

Curator of the first handmade print biennial in Tehran

curator of 34th fajr annual fair (printmaking)

Some of Artworks